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Dear Lakshmi/Saraswathi,

“Thank you so much for seamlessly taking care of each and every detail. Thank you for helping us make one more memory to cherish shyam”

Mrs Nina Kothari


On being with Sriya and Vignesh : 26 .03 . 2023 AARTHI EVENING

The quiet waves in friendly chatter
In hushed tones awaiting
The red full sun on the western sky
With reluctant farewell
Distant clouds with eyes in wonder last
at the earthly treat in music drawn
The Ganga AARTHI in Vedas clad
The light speed lullabys to lord shiva
All fond wishes of loving hearts
Gathered as if in unseen command
The lord has blessed
The lord has blessed

R .Venkatramani
Attorney General of India

Hello Ammu and Sachu,

Ever since the ViSri wedding, I have been meaning to write to you to express our admiration for the brilliant experience we had at the wedding.

I cannot but mention that you are a power duo, with a unique ability to think big and deliver the details, on time, every time – a powerful combination of creativity, novelty, convenience, accuracy, and speed.

At every event, you both looked gorgeous, in line with the dress code, yet wore something unique that stood out. Your energy to execute day after day, and night after night, to prep for the subsequent events is unbelievable.

The logistics at the airport were coordinated perfectly, with a great vehicle-to-guest ratio, not to forget the all-important goody bags filled thoughtfully with water, juice, and snacks :).

It was grand to see the welcome party in the hotel reception in perfect Keralite garb, only to be supported by the grandiose Kathakali and graceful Mohiniattam dancers – truly an authentic, artistic experience.

Each event was mindblowing! Usha Uthub was just brilliant! Like a star had descended from above. She created magic with Shankar that evening; they both had the audience just mesmerized. Each Sangeeth dance was wonderfully rehearsed and shared, truly a big family extravaganza, only to be fittingly followed by an energized dance floor dancing to a great DJ’s vibrant choices whose musical picks got a wide range of wedding guests to groove!

After a 2 am return to the room, we were thankful that the next day began much later!
The mela-like feel of the mehndi sundowners was such an ORIGINAL idea! The food, as with all the events, was just brilliant. Special call out to the chaat counters.

The Manganiyar dancers in the foyer were stunning! The special performances in the banquet hall, from a curated set of artists, spanned their generous offerings in the percussion and melodic arts. Another call out to the toasts, roasts, and poems, from family and friends all of which added a special personal touch expressing their utmost affection for ViSri. The counters with special dupattas, cloth bags, silk thread bangles, and bindis, each of which was selected so thoughtfully in line with the theme of sustainable fashion. The bangles even had handwritten notes with descriptions, truly a great way to keep it novel. A special call out for the uniquely fashioned Vi and Sri cocktails, games, massages, rotating photo booths, and whatnot! I wanted to clone myself and be everywhere at the same time!

I loved how you focused on tiny, fun details, such as the badge for the Vi/Sri teams, and small memorabilia, relevant to the events, a few of which I still have with me.

As guests, we were conveniently led everywhere through the clear direction of the agenda distributed through so many channels: digitally on my phone, the key cards, the pamphlet in the rooms, and the convenient signage in the lobby.

The pièce de résistance was the Ganga Aarathi. What a novel way to usher in the divine, through the most traditional ceremony that was spiritually and visually profound. The music brought together the sounds of north and south India, a consummate experience that will be etched in the minds and hearts of those who were lucky to witness the offering.

Again, the evening just got better and better, the Janavasam celebrating the traditional wedding band, with guests dancing and walking through with the gorgeous car hosting the even more gorgeous couple. Simply fabulous energy by the idakka drummers with unmatched speed and vibe!

Just like the delicious food, the stunning decor throughout the event was tastefully done. Each event offered a different visual flavour. The decor afforded us many corners and angles for photo ops. I enjoyed a diva moment with the butterfly display for a stunning photo opportunity. The saree draping and hairdo facilities ensured that we were photo-ready at all times :).

It was wonderful that all the rituals were done to perfection. It takes incredible commitment to maintain the modern and traditional elements of such occasions. The amazing and all-rounded attention to both vision and detail was evident throughout the wedding. Again, just when we thought it was time for lights out, the Karaoke in yet another setting, brought back the party groove! The Maggi and samosa offering for the 2 am snackers was a class apart.

That you all appeared, fully ready, in time for the Muhurtham, the next day was superhuman! Just a poignant ceremony, with a tastefully done backdrop, alongside adequate video coverage so we all could partake in the ceremony within close quarters. Wonderful attention to detail such as the fans for photographs, the boxes for akshadai, and so many more charming details that helped us connect to the moment. The breakfast and lunch spread was simply superb. (the ability to clone appetites would have really helped here). The handy coffee counters, and the special Kolkatta chai, offered the right level of boost to help us enjoy the party with even more vigor. The Muhurtham was a perfect conclusion to the wedding, only to start a beautiful marriage for ViSri.

Many congratulations to you, Ammu and Sachu, for your collective efforts that made this occasion a big, bright, bold, beautiful, and brilliant wedding!

With wishes from

The Sairams, London

Dearest Ammu and Sacchu aunty,

I am sitting here in my new Thrissur home with the sight of coconut trees in front of me and thinking of the wonderful memories from the ViSri wedding 3 weeks ago! It all feels like a dream but at the same time it was such a magnificent celebration to mark such a big milestone in my life. The wedding really brought together the beautiful little things that make me “ME” right from the little kheer kodombo at the entrance, the coldplay themed sparkly sangeet, the shiny balloons at the sangeet, the foozball and games at the mehendi, the karaoke night to the beautiful pink and green decorations at the muhurtham. Every one of my important family and friends were there and they could all relate to these things and immediately connect it to who they know as Sriya. Simultaneously, the wedding also celebrated my new life that is just beginning with the Kerala themed welcome, the jandai at the janavasam, the butterfly explosion at the engagement and of course the divine Ganga Arti.
When I think about the Ganga Aarti, I am filled with emotions of strength that I get from not only Amma but all the powerful women in her life that includes the both of you. After the first two days of partying we could really involve all our guests to understand the strong ties to our culture and spirituality that keeps the Srikrishnans rooted to our true selves. The way that the sun and clouds came together with the performance of the arti and all of that made powerful with the thoughtfully curated music track can only be described as divine. Every single person was moved to tears and we set the tone of gratitude, prayer and celebration as we went on to the core events of the wedding. It was your ideas and execution that made that happen and for that I’m truly thankful to you for giving us all an experience to remember for our lifetime.
The janavasam was one of the biggest highlights for me from the wedding! I was starry eyed as I sat in the red car and looking around could see fireworks, beautiful lights, flowers, colours, and all the people I love looking at me. It felt truly royal. I don’t think I have ever felt this celebrated before in my life.
On the muhurtham day, the malaai matal and the oonjal was so so beautiful and such a dream come true for me. I could not stop smiling during the oonjal because everything including the colours was exactly what I had dreamt of and I was actually living through it in reality. When I changed into my madisar and sat on stage in the final moments before the thaali was tied, I heard Karthick Iyer playing Raghuvamsa and could not stop my tears. This is a song I have listened to many times and enjoyed alone on flights or in my homes in different cities. To hear it being played live at such an integral moment once again made me so thankful for everything coming together so beautifully.
The mandapam for the muhurtham was also so so beautiful. The lotus and white flowers were so perfectly what I had envisioned and I must share that all of my friends also specifically appreciated the decorations. One of my best friends even said that it was her dream mandap that she would want for her own wedding.
Throughout our planning stages, I was always keen on cutting things down to make things simple but finally it was your larger than life ideas that were really the defining moments of the wedding and what we will remember for our lifetime! Thank you for dealing with my concerns and my preferences to make everything so perfect!
Thank you for working tirelessly to make everything so beautiful. Thank you for pouring your heart out into every detail and incorporating what all the Srikrishnans love into the events. It is because of all your hard work that not only our guests but even we got to enjoy the wedding so much!
Along with you both I really want to thank the whole Event Art team – Pooja, Harini and also Udi! I am really missing all of you and we need to meet soon to have celebrate the success of the wedding!

Lots of love always and again a big thank you!

Sriya, (Bride)

Dearest Ammu and Sacchu aunty,

Words will not suffice to say how much your contribution to our wedding actually means to us! You’ve been such an incredible pillar of support and so attentive to detail- I’m so touched and overwhelmed with your love for us!!! Thank you thank you thank youuuuu!!!! I personally had the best week of my life and it wouldn’t have been the same without your inputs, thoughts and PRESENCE!!!

Lots and lots of love!!!

Dr. Urjitha, Director, MGM Hospital


A month has passed since my daughter Dr. Divya’s marriage with Mr. Narayanan took place in Chennai and after a few hectic weeks of family get-togethers and travels, I am back at work this Monday onwards.
I have been wanting to let both of you know how deeply my wife Mrs. Vijayalakshmi, daughters Ms. Divya and Sowmya and I appreciate the huge efforts put in by you and your team in the months leading up to the wedding. Whether it was selection of Invitation cards, or floral arrangements for all the functions, or decoration of stage in line with the spirit of various events, or recommendation and appointment of musicians and singers, or coordination among various agencies small and big, etc., each of them had a class of its own. Add to that the confident, ever-smiling, and engaging persona of yours and the picture is complete! Your eye for detail, administrative competence to marshal resources of various types, gracious manner in which you took care of the guests and hosts alike, say a lot about you and your organization. Every one of us thoroughly enjoyed all the events, starting from Engagement, to Sangeet, to Mehendi, to two days of Wedding-related ceremonies. And, you truly lived up to your company’s name (Event Art) by exhibiting the Art of managing all Events extraordinarily well. In one’s life one comes across people who are charming; people who are helpful; people who are good managers; people who work hard; people who bring joy to others; but to find all these qualities and more in one set of individuals is a rarity and that sums up what we really feel about you.
I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and I am sure our paths will cross once again for some family event or the other which will give us an opportunity for us to work together again. Best regards.

Mr. K. Ragavendra Rao
Managing Director/CEO
Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals


It is from the bottom of our hearts that we would like to thank you both for helping us conduct the wedding and its related functions. Our dream came true because you understood exactly what we wanted and executed it to perfection. Yours was a personal involvement and it made us relax and enjoy the functions. All the guests appreciated the elegance and the class with which everything was done.
We sincerely appreciate the efforts that you have taken and hope we will be able to work together sometime soon for another great event…

Padmashri Dr. Mohan Kameswaran & Mrs. Indra Kameswaran

The incredibly talented, gorgeous and amazing sister duo – Mrs. Lakshmi Ravichander and Mrs. Saraswathi Krishnakumar

You guys made the wedding ambiance into a magical wonderland 💖😍. #EventArt is phenomenal 👏👌💐💕. May be I should exchange vows with my hubby again😀. Lucky to meet and have a lovely convo with the two of u 😍😘. Have attended 2 family weddings in my last 2 trips, and both my nieces are fortunate to have such a beautiful wedding setting!!

Ms Gaya Raj USA

Saraswati and Lakshmi are the best planners in this city.

Saraswati and Lakshmi are the best planners in this city. Right from brainstorming with you about ideas to executing them with perfection and panache, this powerful duo is the best in the business. We had the most wonderful time at our daughters various wedding events because Saraswati and Lakshmi took care of every detail without coming to us for any thing. They accommodated every one of my daughter’s whims and Pinterest ideas with ease. We would blindly trust them with any wedding planning any time. Thank you Saraswati and Lakshmi! 😊

Dr Gopalkrishnan & Mrs. Gopalkrishnan

Apollo Hospitals

On behalf of the Indian Red Cross Society, I would like to compliment you on the way you conducted our Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Saraswathi’s inaugural dance was amazing. Your creativity in introducing actor Mr. Surya on stage was well appreciated by all. Of course your energy and organizational ability were behind the success of the program.

Best Wishes,
Ms. Nandini Rangasamy
Hon Secretary Indian Red cross Society
Coimbatore Chapter

Like every other parent, we too wanted a dream wedding for our daughter Janani and Event Art had truly made the dream into a reality. It was an out of the world event from the decor of the venue, Bride & Groom procession, Mehendi party etc., everything was done meticulously and with clockwork precision. More than anything else both Lakshmi and Saraswathi conducted the entire event as though they were doing it
for their daughter.

Neela & Seetharaman

Having lived in Kuwait for a good part of our lives, we were apprehensive about conducting our daughter’s wedding in Chennai, until we met Lakshmi and Saraswathi. Right after meeting them we knew we were in the right place and true to our confidence they planned and executed a memorable wedding for Ramya. Every small detail was looked into and meticulously executed. Thanks Lakshmi and Saraswathi and we will certainly recommend your name to all our friends who are looking for a hassle-free wedding.

Rangesh Rao and Sudha

I want to congratulate you on the beautiful decor you have done at Puttaparthi. I got at least four calls from Puttaparthi praising the beautiful decoration you had done. In fact Mr.Ramani said “Kalakkitta”.

Seetharaman J
Managing Director Sai Supreme Textiles Pondicherry

What a great batch of entertainment you cooked up for us!

Our 25th year reunion last month (Dec 26th) was made very memorable due to your contribution. I had sent out a note to all attendees and those who could not make it about the excellent games, prizes and above all a clever DJ who doubled up as an emcee for us.
I am glad Jayashri recommended you for this job. I am sure we will give you first dibs for our next milestone event
You did a helluva job.